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Grants to patients sufferinq from LB/Cancer and other mojor diseases

The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance in scheme the form of one-time grants to patients belonging to Tea Tribes community who are undergoing medical treatment in connection with the following diseases :

Rates of Grants

Eye Diseases Rs. 5,000.00
TB (Tuberculosis)/Eye Cataract Rs. 10,000.00
Accident Rs. 15,000.00
Auto Immune Diseases/Liver Diseases/ Nerve Disorder/Cancer/Kidney Diseases/ Dialysis/Major Operations/
Bone Diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis/Bone Fractures &Elephantiasis
Rs. 50,000.00
Heart Diseases/Strokes Rs. 75,000.00

Guideline for implementation of the scheme “Grants to patients sufferinq from LB/Cancer and other mojor diseases”

List of documents to be uploaded with Format and Size

  1. Passport size photo (JPG Fromat Maximum 50 KB).
  2. Signature (JPG Fromat Maximum 20 KB).
  3. Aadhaar Card (JPG Fromat Maximum 100 KB).
  4. Upload Self Declaration Undertaking on annual income (JPG Fromat Maximum 100 KB).
  5. Original copy of caste certificate (JPG Fromat Maximum 100 KB).
  6. First page of applicant’s bank passbook (JPG Fromat Maximum 100 KB).
  7. Certificate from the Hospital/Nursing Home where undergoing treatment (PDF Fromat Maximum 1 MB).
  8. Recommendation from local MLA/ MP Chairman/SDBSC (Preferable) (JPG Fromat Maximum 100 KB).

For any queries related to this scheme, you may contact: (Time 9.30AM to 5 PM on Working Days)